The two Sams chat about how the different physical and nonphysical spaces in our lives and the different rituals embedded in them transform our work, ...View Details

Dr. Sam Chan, public speaker and story teller sits down and shares with us the art of story telling. He breaks it down and helps us to grow in our sto...View Details

This week we return from a break to chat about predestination, free will and how we live our lives (ethics). It's a bit more than we usually do, but w...View Details

This week the Sams talk about how stories aren't only the texts we consume but they are part of our very lives. 

This week we explore fear and insecurities in our lives; how the lack of control shape our fears and how we can better navigate through them. 

This week we wandering along the topics of Tsing Ging, parenting and expectations, overcommitted children and how Parents can think about discipling c...View Details

We explore our experience of living spaces, the difficulty of home ownership, frustrations of traffic in Sydney and what home means in our lives.  Cre...View Details

We kick off season 2 chatting about the power of nostalgia in our lives, from 90s movies, Total Recall, to memories and regrets. 

We launched season 2 and then got too busy... so now we're back with a short teaser for 2021! 

Join me and Dr. Sam Chan as we kick off season 2 by discussing ambiguity, change and anxiety in these strange times.

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